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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Chronicles 2

2 ! The nomber of Salomons workement to buylde the Temple.

2 a Which is to be vnderstand of all sorte of officers & ouerseers: for els the chief officers were but 3300, as {1King 5,16}.

3 ! Salomon sendeth to Hiram the King of Tyrus for wood and workemen.

3 / Or, Hiram.

6 b That is, to do that seruice which he hathe commanded, signifying that none is able to honour & serue God in that perfection as his majestie deserueth.

8 / Some take it for brasil, or the wood called Ebenum, other for corall.

8 / Or, Almuggim.

8 / Or, skarlet.

10 d Or Bath read {1 King 7,26} it is called also Epha but Epha is to measure drye things, as bath is a measure of licours.

10 / Ebr. corim.

12 e The very heathen confessed that it was a singular gift of God, when he gaue to any nation a king that was wise & of vnderstanding, albeit it appeareth that this Hiram had the true knowledge of God.

14 f It is also writen, that she was of the tribe of Naphtali, {1 King, 7,14} which may be vnderstand that by reason of the sonfusion of tribes, which then began to be, thei maried in diuers tribes, so that by her father she might be of Dan, and by her mother of Naphtali.

16 / Or, Joppe.