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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Chronicles 23

4 ! And assigneth them to their offices.

13 ! Aaron and his sonnes are for the hie Priest.

13 a That is, to serue in the moste holy place & to consecrate the holy things.

14 b Thei were but of the ordre of the Leuites & not of the Priests as Aarons sonnes.

14 ! The sonnes of Moses.

17 c The Scripture vseth to call chief or the first borne, althogh he be alone & there be none borne after, {Matt. 1,25}.

24 e Dauid chose the Leuits twise, first at the age of thirtie, as {ver 3}, & againe afterwarde at twentie, as the necessitie of the office did require: at the beginning they had no charge in the Temple, before their were fiue and twentie yere olde, and had none after fiftie, {Nob. 10,24}

28 f In washing and cleansing all the holy vessels.