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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Chronicles 22

1 a That is, the place wherein he wil be worshiped.

2 b Meaning, cunning men of other nations which dwelt among the Jewes.

2 ! Dauid prepareth things necessarie for the buylding of the Temple.

3 c To wit, which weighed fiftie shekels of golde {2Chr. 3,9}

6 ! He commandeth his sonne Salomon to buylde the Temple of the Lord, which thing he him selfe was forbidden to do.

8 d This declareth how greatly God detesteth the sheding of blood, seing Dauid for this cause is staied to buylde the Temple of the Lord, albeit he enterprised no warre, but by God's commandement & against his enemies.

9 ! Under the figure of Salomon Christ is promised.

11 e He sheweth that there can be no prosperitie, but when the Lord is with vs.

12 f These are onely the meanes whereby Kings gouerne their subjectes aright & whereby the realmes do prosper and florish.

19 k For els he knewe that God wolde plague them, & not prosper their labours except they soght with all their hears to set forthe his glorie.