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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Chronicles 2

2 ! The genealogie of Judah vnto Ishai the father of Dauid.

3 a Thogh Judah was not Jaakobs eldest sonne, yet he sirst beginneth at him because he wolde come to the genealogie of Dauid, of whome came Christ.

6 b Of these read {1 Kings 4,31}

18 e Who was called the soune of Hezron, {vers 9}

21 f Who was prince of mounte Gilead, read {Nom. 32,40}

23 g That is, the Geshurites & Syrians toke the townes from lairs children.

24 h Which was a towne named of the houseband and wife, called also beht-lehem Ephratah.

24 i Meaning the chief & prince

31 k Who dyed whiles his father was alyue and therefore is is said, {vers. 34} that Sheshan had no sonnes.

42 l That is the chief gouernor or prince of the Ziphims, because the prince oght to haue a fatherlie care and affection toward his people.

46 m This difference was betwene the wife and the concubine, that the wife was taken with certeine soleminities of marriage, and her children did inherit: the concubine had no soleminities in mariage, nether did her children inherit, but had a porcien of godds or money giuen them.

52 / Or, he that sawe the halfe, because the prince oght to ouerse his subjectes.

54 / Or, the Zorites, the halfe of the Manahthites.

54 n Meaning, the chief & principal.

55 o Which were men learned and expert in the Lawe.

55 p Read {Nob. 10,29}, & {judg. 1, 16}