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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Chronicles 1

1 a Meaning that Sheth was Adams sonne & Enosh Sheths sonne.

4 b It had bene sufficient haue named Shem, of whome came Abraham and dauid, but because the worlde was restored by these thre, mencion is also made of Ham and Japheth.

10 c Who first did lift vp him selfe aboue other, {Genes 10:8}

17 d Of whome came the Syrians, and therefore thei are called Aramites throughout all the Scripture.

18 e Of him, came the Ebrewes which were afterwarde called Israelites of Israel, which was Jaakob: and Jewes of Judah, because of the excellencie of that tribe.

24 f He repeateth Shem again, because he wolde come to the stocke of Abraham.

35 i These were borne of thre diuers mothers, read {Gen. 36, 4}

36 k Which was Elephaz concubine: read {Gen 36,12}

38 l He is also called Seir the Morite, which inhabited mount Seir, {Gen. 36, 20}

43 m He maketh mencion of the Kings that came of Esau, according to Gods promes made to Abraham concerning him, that kings shulde come of him. These eight Kings reigned one after another in Idumea vnto the time of Dauid, who conquered their countrey.

44 n Which was the principal citie of the Edomites.