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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Chronicles 3

1 ! The genealogie of Dauid, and of his posteritie vnto the sonnes of Josiah.

1 a He returneth to the genealogie of Dauid, to shew that Christ came of his stocke.

1 b Which {2Sam. 3,3} is called Cheleab, borne of her, that was Nabals wife the Carmelite.

5 c Onely Salomon was dauids natural sonne, the oher thre were Vriahs, whome Dauid made his by adoption, he that was begoten in adulterie & dyed the eight day, is not rekened among Dauids sonnes.

5 d Called also Bathsheba the daughter of Eliam: so thei gaue them diuerse names.

6 e Elishama, or Elishua {2 Sam 5, 15}: & Eliphelet dyed, & Dauid named those sonnes, which were next borne, by the same names: in the boke of Kings his children are mencioned which were aliue, and here bothe they that were aliue & dead.

15 f So called because he was preferred to the dignitie royal before his brother Jehoiakim, which was the elder.

15 / Or, Jehoahaz {2 King 23, 30}

19 g S Mat. saith that Zorobabel was sonne of Zalathiel, meaning that he was his neuewe according to the Ebrewe speache: for he which is Pedaiahs sonne.

22 h So that Shemaiah was Shechaniahs natural sonne, & the other fiue his neuewes, & in all were six.