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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Kings 15

1 ! Azariah the King of Judah becommeth a leper.

3 a So long as he gaue eare to Zachariah the Prophet.

3 ! Of Jotham.

5 b His father & grand father were slaine by their subjects and seruants, & he, because he wolde vsurpe the Priests office contrarie to Gods ordinance, was smiten immediatly by the hand of God with the leprosie, {2 Chro. 26,22}.

8 d He was the fouten in descent from Jehu, who reigned according to God began to execute his wrath against the house of Jehu.

10 e Zachariah was the last in Israel, that had the kingdome by succession, saue onely Pehahiah the sonne of Menahem who reigned but two yeres.

16 f Which was a citie of Israel that wolde not receiue him to be King.

19 h Instead of seking helpe of God, he went about by money to purchase the fauour of this King being an infidele, & therefore God forsoke him, & Phul sone afterwarde brake promes, destroyed his countrey & led his people away captiue.

29 k For God stirred vp Phul & Tiglath Pileser against Israel for their sinnes, {1 Chro. 5,26}

34 l He sheweth that his vprightnes was not suche, but that he had many and great fautes.

37 n Which slewe of Judah in one day six score thousand fighting men, {2 Chro. 28, 6} because they had forsaken the true God.

37 m After the death of Jotham.