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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Kings 14

1 ! Amaziah the King of Judah putteth to death them that slewe his father.

3 a In the beginning of his reigne he semed to haue an outward shewe of godlines, but after warde he became an idolater, & worshiped the idoles of the Idumeans.

6 b Because thei nether consented nor were partakers with their father in that ???

7 c For the Idumeans, whome Dauid had broght to subjection, did rebelle in the time of Jehoram sonne of Jehoshaphat.

7 ! And after smiteth Edom.

8 d Let vs fight hand to hand & trye it by battel, and not destroye one anothers cities.

9 e By this parable Jehoash compareth him selfe to a cedre tre because of his great kingdome ouer ten tribes, and Amaziah to a thistle, because he ruled but ouer two tribes, and the wilde beasts are Jehoashs souldiers that spoiled the cities of Judah.

10 f Brag of thy victorie, so that thou tarie at home and annoye me not.

14 g That is, which the Israelites had giuen to them of Judah for an assurance of peace.

15 ! Joash dyeth, and Jeroboam his sonne seccedeth him. And after him reigneth Zachariah.

19 h Which citie Roboam buylt in Judah for a forteresse, {2 Chro 11,9}

24 l Because this idolatrie was so vile and almoste incredible, that men shulde forsake the liuing God to worship calues, the worke of mans hands, therefore the Scripture doeth oft times repeat it in the reproche of all idolaters.

28 n Which was also called Antiochia of Syria, Riblah.