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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Kings 11

1 ! Athaliah putteth to death all the Kings sonnes, except Joash the sonne of Ohozia.

1 a Meaning all the posteritie of Jehoshaphat, to whome the kingdome apperteined, thus God vsed the crueltie of this woman to destroy the whole familie of Ahab.

2 b The Lord promesed to mainteine the famlie of Dauid and not to quenche the light thereof: therefore he moued the heart of Jehosheba to preserue him.

4 d The chief Priest Jehoshebas housband

5 e Of the Leuites, which had charge of the keping of the Temple and kept watche by course.

5 f That none shulde come vpon them while they were crowning the King.

6 g Called the East gate of the Temple.

12 m Meaning, the Lawe of God which is his chief charge & whereby onely his throne is established.

12 l That is, Joash, which had bene kept secret six yeres.

15 ! Jehoiada causeth Athaliah to be slaine.

15 / Or, our of the Temple.

17 p That bothe the King and the people shulde mainteine the true worship of God and destroy all idolatrie.

17 q That he shulde gouerne, and they obey in the fear of God.

17 ! He maketh a couenant betwene God and the people.

18 r Euen in the place where he had blasphemed God and thoght to haue bene holpen by his idole, there God powred his vengeance vpon him.

18 ! Baal and his priests are destroyed.

18 s To wit, Jehoiada.

20 t Which by her crueltie & persecucion had vexed the whole land before.