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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Kings 12

2 a So long as rulers giue eare to the true ministers of God, they prosper.

3 b So hard a thing is for them, that are in autoritie to be broght to the perfit obedience of God.

4 c That is, the money of redemption, {Exod. 30:12}: also the money which the Priest valued the vowes at {Leu 27, 2} & their fre liberalitie.

5 d For the Temple which was buylt an hundreth fiftie & fiue yeres before, had many things decaied in it, bothe by the negligence of the Kings his predecessors, and also by the wickednes of the idolaters.

6 ! Jehoash maketh prouision for the repairing of the Temple.

7 e He taketh from them the ordering of the money because of their negligence.

9 / Or, vessel.

11 g For the King had appointed other which were mete for that purpose, {Chap. 22, 5}

13 h For these men had onely the charge of the reparacion of the Temple, and the rest of the money was broght to the King, who caused these afterwarde to be made, {2Chro. 24,14}

16 ! He stayeth the King of Syria by a present from comming against Jerusalem

18 i After the death of Jehoiada Joash fel to idolatrie therefore God rejecteth him, and stirreth vp his enemie against him, whome he pacified, with the treasures of the Temple: for God wolde not be serued with those gifts, seing the Kings heart was wicked.

20 k Because he had put Zacharie the sonne of Jehoiada to death {2 Chro 24,35}

20 l Read {2 Sam. 5,9}

20 ! He is killed by two of his seruants.