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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Kings 10

1 a The Scripture vseth to call them sonnes which are ether children, or nephewes.

3 b He wrote this to proue them whether thei wolde take his porte or no.

6 c God as a juste judge punisheth the wicked children of wicked parents vnto the thirde & fourt generacion.

6 ! Jehu causeth the sueentie sonnes of Ahab to be slayne,

9 d Ye can not justely condemne me for the Kings death, seing ye haue done the like to his posteritie: for the Lord commanded me, and moued you to execute this his judgement.

13 ! And after that fourty and two of Ahaziah brethren

14 f Thus Gods vengeance is vpon them that haue any parte or familiatitie with the wicked.

15 g For he feared God and lamented the wickednes of those times: therefore Jehu was glad to joyne with him of Rechab read {Jere. 35,2}

15 / Or, praised God for him.

18 h Here Baal is taken for Ashteroth the idole of the Zidonians, which Jezebel caused to be worshiped, as it is also so vsed. {1 King 16, 32} & {22, 54}

23 i Thus God wolde haue his seruants preserued and idolaters destroyed: as in his Lawe he giueth expresse commandement, {Deut. 13}

25 ! He killeth also all the priests of Baal.

30 l Thus God approueth & rewardeth his zeale, in executing Gods judgement albeit his wickednes was after ward punished.

35 ! After his death his sonne reigneth in his steade.