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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Kings 9

1 a Prepare thy selfe to go diligently about thy busines: for in those countreis they vsed long garments, which they tucked vp, when they went about earnes busines.

6 b This annointing was for Kings, Priests & Prophetes, which were all figures of Messiah, in whome these thre offices were accomplished.

11 c That is, the rest of the armie, whome he called before, his brethren: {vers. 2}

11 d In this estimation the worlde hathe the ministers of God. notwithstanding for asmuche as the worlde hathe euer slandered the children of God, (yea, they called the sonne of God a deceiuer & said he had the deuil) therefore they oght not to be discouraged.

16 e God had thus ordeined, as is ??? {2Chro. 22,7}, that this wicked & idolatrous King, who was more ready to gratifie wicked Joram, then to obey the wil of God shulde perish with him, by whose meanes he thoght to haue bene stronger.

20 f As one that went earnestly about his enterprise.

22 g Meaning that forasmuche as God is their enemie because of their sinnes, that he wil euer stirre vp some to reunge his cause.

26 h By this place it is euident that Jezebel caused bothe Naboth & his sonnes to be put to death that Ahab might enjoy his vineyarde more quietly: for els his children might haue claimed possession.

27 ! And Ahaziah, otherwise called Ochozias, the King of Judah.

27 i After that he was wounded in Samaria he fled to Megiddo, which was a citie of Judah.

29 k That is, eleuen whole yeres: for {Chap. 8,25} before when he said that he began to reigne the twelite yere of Joram, he taketh parte of the yere for the whole.

30 l Being of an hautie & cruel nature, she wolde stil reteine her princelie state and dignitie.

31 m As thogh she wolde say, Can any traitor, or any that riseth against his superior, haue good success: read {1 King 16, 10}

33 n This he did by the mocion of the Spirit of God, that her blood shulde be shed, that had shed, the blood of innocents, to be a spectacle and example of Gods judgements to all tyrants.

33 ! And causeth Jezebel to be cast downe out of a window and the dogs did eat her.

34 o To wit, of the King of Zidon, {1 King. 16, 31}

37 p Thus Gods judgements appeare euen in this worlde against them that suppresse his worde & persecute his seruants