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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Kings 8

1 ! Elisha prophecieth vnto the Shunammite the dearth of seuen yere.

1 a Where thou cans finde a commodious place to dwel, where as is plentie.

3 b That is to complaine on them which had taken her possessions whiles she was absent.

5 c Gods wonderful prouidence appeareth in this that he caused the King to be desirous to heare of him, whome before he contemned, & also hereby prepared an entrance to the poore widowes sute.

6 d The King caused that to be iustely restored which was wrongfully holden from her.

9 e Of all the chiefest & precious things of the countrey.

10 f Meaning that he shulde recouer, of this disease: but he knewe that this messenger Hazael shulde slaie him to obteine the kingdome.

12 ! He prophecieth to Hazael that he shalbe King of Syria.

13 g That I shulde be without all humanitie and pitie.

15 h Vnder pretence to refresh or ease him, he styfled him with his cloth.

15 ! He reigneth after Benhadad.

16 i Read {Chap. 3:17}

16 k He was confirmed in his kingdome after his fathers death.

18 l The holy Gost sheweth hereby what danger it is to joyne with infideles.

20 m Which had bene subject from Dauids time vntil this time of Jehoram.

20 ! Edom falleth from Judah Ohozia succedeth Jehoram.

22 n This was a citie in Judah giuen to the Leuites, {Josh. 21, 13}, and after turned from King Jehoram because of his idolatrie.

26 o Which is to be vnderstand, that he was made King, when his father reigned, but after his fathers death he was confirmed King, when he was fourtie two yere olde, as {2 Chr. 22,2}

28 p Which was a citie in the tribe of Gad beyonde Jorden.

29 q That is a citie belonging to the tribe of Issachar.