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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Kings 7

1 a The godlie are euer assured of Gods helpe in their necessities, but the times and houres are onely reueled by Gods Spirit.

1 ! Elisha prophesieth plentie of vitaile and other things to Samaria.

2 b To whome the King gaue the charge & ouersight of things as {vers. 17}

2 c He mocketh at the Prophetes wordes, saying that if God rained downe corne from heauen that this colde not come to passe.

2 d Thy infidelitie shalt se this miracle & yet not be partaker thereof.

3 e For it was commanded in the Lawe that they shulde dwel aparte & not among there brethren, {Leui. 13,46}

6 ! The syrains runne away, and haue no man following them.

6 f Thus God nedeth no great preparation to destroy the wicked, thogh they be neuer so many for he can scater them with a smale noise or shaking of a leafe.

7 g The wicked nede no greater enemie then their owne conscience to pursue them.

12 h He mistrusted the Prophetes wordes, & therefore colde beleue nothing, as thei which are more politike then godlie euer cast more perils then nedeth.

13 i There are not more left, but their, or the rest are consumed with the famine as the rest of the people.

14 / Or, two horses of the charet, which were accustomed to drawe in the charet.

16 k Which he spake by the mouthe of Elisha, {vers. 1}

17 ! The prince that wolde not beliue the worde of Elisha is troden to death.

17 l As the people preased out of the gate to runne to he Syrians tentes where they had heard was meat & great spoile left.