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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Kings 16

2 a Thus spake Jehu to Baasha in the Name of the Lord.

7 c That is, the Prophet did his message.

9 e The chalde text hathe thus, Drinking til he was dronken in the temple of Arza the idole by his house in Tirgah.

12 f Bothe Hanani his father and he were Prophetes.

15 g Which siege had continued from the time of Nadab Jeroboams sonne.

21 i That is, the people which were not at the siege of Gibbethon for there they had chosen Omri.

25 k For suche is the nature of idolartrie, that the superstition thereof doeth daily increase, & the elder it is, the more abominable it is before God and his Church.

28 l He was the first King that was buryed in Samaria after that the Kings house was burne in Tirzah.

31 m By whose means he fel to all wicked, & strange idolatrie, & cruel persecution.

31 ! Achab marrieth Jezebel.

34 ! Jericho is buylt againe.