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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Kings 15

2 a Some thinke that this was Absalom Salomons sonne.

10 c That is, his grand mother, as Dauid is oft times called father of them whose grand father he was.

13 d Nether kinred nor autoritie oght to be regarded, when they blaspheme God & become idolaters, but must be punished.

14 e For in that that he suffred them to worship God in other places,then he had appointed, it came of ignorance and not malice.

17 f Of the same purpose that Jerobaom did because the people shulde not go vp to Jerusalem lest they shulde followe Asa.

22 / Ebr. non innocent.

23 h He had the goute & put his trust rather in phisitians then the Lord {2 Chro. 16,2}.

24 i His great grande father.

29 k So God ??? vp one tyrant to punish the wickednes of another.

30 l By causing the people to commit idolatrie with his calues, & so prouoking God to angre.

33 m Which was the place where the Kings of Israel remained.