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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Kings 14

1 ! Jeroboam sendeth his wife disguised to Ahiiah the Prophet, who declareth vnto him the destruction of his house.

2 a His owne conscience bare him witnes, that the Prophet of God wolde not satisfie his affections which was a wicked man.

3 b According to the custome when they were to aske counsel of Prophetes, {1 Sam. 9,7}

6 d For God oft times discloseth vnto his the craft and subteltie of the wicked.

10 g Euery male euen to the dogs, {1 Sam 25, 22}.

10 h Aswel him that is in the strong holde, as him that is abroad.

11 i They shal lacke the honour of buryal in token of Gods malediction.

13 k In the middes of the wicked God hath some, on whome he doeth bestowe his mercies.

14 l The Lord wil beginne to destroy it out of hand.

16 n The people shal not be excused, when they do euil at the commandement of their gouernours.

22 / Or, besides all that their fathers had done by their sinnes.

24 q Where idolatrie reigneth, all horrible vices are committed, til at length Gods just judgement destroy them vtterly.

29 r Which bokes were called the bokes of Shemaiah and Iddo the Prophetes, {2 Chro. 12, 15}.

31 t Whose idolatrie Rehoboam her sonne followed.