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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Kings 17

3 / Or, broke.

4 c To strengthen his faith against persecution, God promiseth to fede him miraculously.

4 ! He is fed of reuens.

7 d As the troubles of the Saints of God are many, so his mercie is euer at hand to deliuer them.

9 ! He is sent to Zarephath, where he restoreth his hostesse sonne to life.

10 e All this was to strengthen the faith of Eliah to the intent that he shulde loke vpon nothing worldely. but onely trust on Gods prouidence.

12 f For there is not hope of any more sustenance.

14 g God receiueth no benefite for the vse of his, but he promiseth a moste ample recompense for the same.

15 h That is, til he had raine & foode on the earth.

17 i God wolde trye whether she had learned by his merciful prouidence to make him her onely staye and comforte.

20 k He was afraide, lest Gods Name shulde haue bene blasphemed and his ministers contemned, except he shulde haue continued his mercies, as he had begonne them specially while he there remained.

24 l So hard a thing it is to depend on God, except we be confirmed by miracles.