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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Kings 9

2 ! The Lord appeareth the seconde time to Salomon.

4 a If you walke in my feare, & withdrawe they selfe from the commune maner of men which follow their sensualitie.

6 b God declareth that disobedience against him is the cause of his displeasure, & so of all miserie.

7 c The worlde shal make of you a mocking stocke for the vile contempt and abusing of Gods most liberal benefites.

14 e The common talent was about threscore pounde weight.

15 f Millo was as the towne house or place of assemblie which was open aboue.

20 h These were as bondmen & payed, what was required, their labour or money.

20 ! The Canaanites become tributaires.

23 i The ouersers of Salomons workes were deuided into 3 partes. the first conteined, 3300, the seconde 300, and the 3rd 250, which were Israelites: so here are conteined the two last parts, which make 550.

28 k In the {2 Chro. 8,18} is made mencion of thirtie mo, which seme to haue bene employed for their charges.

28 ! He sendeth forthe a nauie for golde.