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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Kings 10


1 ! The quene of Saba commeth to heare the wisdome of Salomon.

1 a Josephus faith that she was quene of Ethiopia, and that Sheba was the name of the chief citie of Meroe, which is an yland of Nilus.

5 b That is, the whole ordre and trade of his house.

5 / Ebr. there was no more spirit in her.

8 c But muche more happie are they, which heare the wisdome of God reueled in his worde.

9 d It is a chief signe of Gods fauour, when godlie & wise rulers sit in the throne of justice.

9 e This is the cause, why Kings are appointed.

15 f To wit, Arabia, which for the great abundance of all things was called, happy.

19 g Ad the chaire bowes, or places to leane vpon.

22 h By Tharshish is ment Cilicia, which was abundant in varietie of precious things.

28 / Or, for the companie of the Kings marchants did receiue a nomber as a price.