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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Kings 8

1 a For Dauid brought it from Obededom & placed it in the Tabernacle which he had made for it, {2 Sam. 6,17}

1 / Ebr Salemon.

2 b Conteining parte of September and parte of October, in the which moneth they held thre solemne feasts, {Nom. 29,1}

8 d They drew them onely so farre as they might be sene: for they might not pul them altogether out, {Exo. 25:15}

9 e For it is like that the enemies, when they had the Arke in their hands, toke away the rod of Aaron and the pot with Man.

13 f He sapke according to the tenor of Gods promes, which was condicionally, that they shulde serue him aright.

21 g The two tables wherein the articles of the couenant were written.

27 i He is rauished with the admiracion of Gods mercies, who being incomprehensible and Lord ouer all, wil become familiar with men.

31 / Ebr. the othe.

33 m Acknowledge thy just judgement, & praise thee.

35 n So that there be a drought to destroy the frutes of the land.

38 o For such are most mete to receiue Gods mercies.

41 p He meaneth suche as shulde be turned from their idolatrie to serue the true God.

43 q That this is the true religion wherewith you wilt be worshiped.

47 r Thogh the Temple was the chief place of prayer, yet he secludeth not them, that being ??? with necessitie call vpon him in other places.

47 / Or, if they repent.

50 t He vnderstode by faithe the God of enemies wolde make friends vnto them that did conuert vnto him.

54 u Salomon is a figure of Christ, who continually is the Mediator betwene God and his Church.

58 x He concludeth that man of him selfe is enemie vnto God, and that all obedience to his lawe prodedeth of his mere mercie.

65 z That is, from North to South: meaning all the countrey.

65 a Seuen dayes for the dedicacion, and seuen for the feast.