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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Kings 4

2 b He was the sonne of Achimais and Zadoks nephew.

2 a That is, his chief officers.

2 ! The princes and rulers vnder Salomon

4 c Not Abiathar, whome Salomon had put from his office, {Chap. 2, 27}, but another of that name.

13 d Which townes bare Iairs name, because he toke them of the Canaanies, {Nomb. 32,41}.

17 e Salomon obserued not the diuision that Joshua made, but deuided it as might best serue for his purpose.

22 ! The purueyance for his vitailes.

24 / Or, Gaza.

29 k Meaning, great vnderstanding and able to comprehend all things.

30 l To wit, the philosophers & astronomers, which were judged moste wise.

32 m Which for the most parte are thoght to haue perished in the captiuitie of Babilon.

32 ! His bokes and writings.