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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Kings 3

1 ! Salomon taketh Pharaohs daughter to wife.

2 b Where altars were appointed before the Temple was buylt to offer vnto the Lord.

3 c For his father had commanded him to obey the Lord & walke in his wayes, {Chap. 2, 3}.

5 ! The Lord appeareth to him & giueth him wisdome.

6 / Or, as he walked.

7 f That is, to behaue myselfe in executing this charge of ruling.

9 / Or, obedient.

15 i He knewe that God had appeared vnto him in a dreame.

16 k By this example it appeareth that God kept promes with Salomon in granting him wisdome.

16 / Or, vitailers.

17 ! The pleating of the two harlottes, and Salomons sentence therein.

20 l She stale the quicke childe away, because she might both auoide the shame and punishement.

23 m Except God giue judges vnderstanding, the impudencie of the respacer shal ouerthrowe the just cause of the innocent.

26 n Her motherly affection herein appeareth that she had rather endure the rigour of the lawe, then se her childe cruelly slaine.