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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Kings 5

1 ! Hiram sendeth to Salomon, and Salmon to him, purposing to buylde the house of God.

4 a He declareth that he was bounde to set forthe Gods glorie, forasmuche as the Lord had sent him rest and peace.

6 b This was his equitie, that he wolde not receiue a benefite without some recompence.

7 c In Hiram is prefigurate the vocacion of the Gentiles, who shulde helpe to buylde the Spiritual temple.

9 d While my seruants are occupied about thy busines.

9 / Or, flotes.

11 / Ebr Corim.

12 e As touching the furniture of wood, and vitailes.

18 f The Ebrewe werde is Giblim, which some say, were excellent masons.