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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Samuel 22

1 a In token of the wonderful benefites, that he receiued of God.

2 b By the diuersitie of these comfortable names, he sheweth how his faith was strengthened in all tentacions.

5 c As Dauid (who was the figure of Christ) was by Gods power deliuered from all dangers so Christ and his Church shal ouercome moste greuous dangers, tyrannie, and death.

9 d That is, cloudes, and vapors.

13 h By this description of a tempest he declareth the power of God against his enemies.

19 k I was so beset, that all meanes semed to faile.

22 m I attempted nothing without his commandement.

27 n Their wickednes is cause, that thou semest to forget thy wonted mercie.

31 o The maner that God vseth to succour his, neuer faileth.

34 p He vseth extraordinarie meanes to make me winne moste strong holdes.

40 q He acknowledgeth that God was the autor of his victories, who gaue him strength.

42 r The wicked in their necessitie are compelled to flie to God, but it is to late.

44 s Meaning of the Jewes who conspired against me.

44 ! He prophecieth of the rejection of the Jewes, and vocacion of the Gentiles.

47 u Let him shewe his power, that he is the gouernour of all the worlde.