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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Samuel 23

1 a Which he spake after that he had made the Psalmes.

2 b Meaning, he spake nothing but by the motion of Gods Spirit.

5 d But that my kingdome may continue for euer according to his promes.

8 ! The names and facts of his mighty men.

9 f Meaning, fled from battel.

10 g By a crampe which came of wearines and straining.

12 h Who hathe nether respect to manie nor fewe, when he wil shewe his power.

15 ! He desired water and wolde not drinke it.

16 k Brideling his affection, and also desiring God not to be offended for the rash enterprise.

21 / Which was bigge as a weauers beame, {1 Chro. 11, 23}

23 m He was more valiant then the 30 that follow, and not so valiant as the 6 before.

27 n Diuers of these had two names, as appeareth. {1 Chro. 11} and also many more are there mencioned.

39 o These came to Dauid and helped to restore him to his kingdome.