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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Samuel 21

1 a Thinking to gratifie the people, because these were not of the seede of Abraham.

1 / Ebr. soght the face of the Lord.

1 / Ebr, yere after yere.

1 ! Thre deare yeres.

3 b Where with may your wrath be appeased, that you may pray to God to remoue this plague from his people?

6 e To pacifie the Lord.

8 f Where Michal is named for Merab Adriels wife as appeareth {1 Sam. 18,19} for Michal was the wife of Paltiel, {1 Sam. 25,44}, & neuer had childe, {2 Sam. 6,23}

9 ! The vengeance of the sinnes of Saul lighteth on his seuen sonnes, which are hanged.

9 g Which was in the moneth Abib or Nisan, which conteineth parte of Marche and parte of April.

9 / Ebr. fel.

10 h To make her a tent, wherein she prayed to God to turne away his wrath.

10 i Because drought was the cause of this famine, God by sending of raine shewed that he was pacified.

10 / Or, rest.

14 k For where the magistrate suffreth fautes vnpunished, there the plague of God lyeth vpon the land.

15 ! Foure great battels, which Dauid had against the Philistims.

16 m Which anmount to nine pounde thre quarters.

17 n For the glorie and welth of the countrey standeth in the preseruacion of the godly magistrate.

18 o Called Gezer and Zaph is called Zippah, {1 Chro 20,4}

19 p That is, Lahmi the brother of Goliath, whome Dauid slewe, {1 Chro 20,5}