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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Samuel 12

1 a Because Dauid lay nowe drowned in sinne, the louing mercie of God, which suffreth not his to perish waketh his conscience by this similitude, and bringth him to repentance.

3 ! Dauid reproued by Nathan confesseth his sinne.

4 / Spared.

5 /Ebr is the ??? of deathe.

8 d That is, greater things then these: for Gods loue and benefites increase toward his, if by their ingratitude they stay him not.

8 c The Jewes vnderstand this of Eglah and Michal, or of Rizpah and Micual.

8 b For Dauid succeded Saul in his kingdome.

9 e Thou has moste cruelly giuen him in the hands of Gods enemies.

13 g For the Lord seketh by that the sinner wolde turne to him.

14 h In saying, that the Lord hathe appointed a wicked man to reigne ouer his people.

17 k Thinking by his instant prayer that God wolde haue restored his childe, but God had otherwise determined.

18 ! The children conceiued in adulterie, dyeth.

20 l Shewing that our lamentions oght not to be excessive, but moderate: and that we must praise God in all his doings.

21 m As they that considered not that God granteth manie things to the sobbes & teares of the faithful.

23 n By this consideration he appaised his sorrowe.

24 ! Salomon is borne.

25 q Meaning, Dauid.

26 ! Rabbah is taken.

27 r That is, the chief citie, & where all the conduits are, is as good as taken.

30 s That is, threscore pounde after the weight of the commune talent.

31 t Signifying, that as thei were malicious enemies of God, so he put them to cruel death.