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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Samuel 11

1 a The yere following about the spring time.

2 b Whereupon he vsed to rest at after none, as was red of Ish-bosheth, {Chap. 4, 7}

3 c Who was not an Israelite borne, but conuerted to the true religion.

5 d Fearing lest she shoulde be stoned according to the Law.

8 e Dauid thoght that if Vriah lay with his wife, his faute might be cloked.

11 f Hereby God woulde touche Dauids conscience, that seing the fidelitie & religion of his seruant, he wolde declare him selfe so forgetful of Gods and injurious to his seruant.

13 g He made him drinke more liberally then he was wonte to do, thinking hereby he wolde haue hyen by his wife.

15 h Except God continually vpholde vs with his mightie Spirit, the moste perfect fall headlong into all vice & abomination.

25 k He dissembleth with the messenger, to the intent that nether his cruel commandement, nor Joabs wicked obedience might be espied.

25 / Ebr, so and so.