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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Samuel 13

1 a Tamar was Absaloms sister both by father & mother, and Amons onely by father.

2 b And therefore kept in her fathers house, as virgins were accustomed.

5 c Here we se that there is no enterprise so wicked, that can lacke counsel to further it.

9 f For the wicked are ashamed to do that before men, which thei are not afrayed to commit in the sight of God.

9 e That is, she serued them on a dishe.

13 g As a lewde & wicked persone.

14 ! Amon Dauids sonne defileth his sister Tamar.

18 h For the which was of diuers coulers or pieces in those dayes was had in greatest estimacion, {Gen. 37,3}, {judg. 5, 30}.

20 i For thogh he conceiued soden vengeance in his heart, yet he dissembled it til occasion serued, and comforted his sister.

23 k To wit, to a banket, thinking thereby to fulfil his wicked purpose.

26 i Pretending to the King, that Amnon was moste deare vnto him.

28 m Muche is the pride of the wicked masters that in all their wicked commandements they thinke to be obeyed.

31 n Lamenting, as he that felt the wrath of God vpon his house, {Chap. 12,10}

32 / Ebr. because it was put in Absaloms mouthe.

33 / Or, but.

37 p For Maachah his mother wa the daughter of this Talmai, {chap. 3, 3}