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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Samuel 7

2 a Within the Tabernacle couered with skinnes, {Exo. 26,7}

2 ! Dauid wolde buylde God an house, but is forbidden by the Prophet Nathan.

5 b Meaning he shulde not: yet Nathan speaking according to mans judgement and not by the Spirit of prophecie, permitted him.

7 c As concerning the buylding of an house: meaning that without Gods express word nothing oght to be attempted.

9 d I haue made thee famous through all the worlde.

10 e He promiseth them quietnes, if they wil walke in his feare and obedience.

12 ! He promiseth continuance of his kingdome and posteritie.

14 f That is, gentely, as fathers vse to chastice their children.

16 g This was begon in Salomon as a figure, but accomplished in Christ.

19 h Cometh not this rather of thy fre mercie, then of anie worthines that can be in man?

19 l From the Egyptians and their idoles.

23 i O Israel.

24 m He sheweth that Gods fre election is the onely cause, why the Israelites were chosen to be his people.

26 n This praier is moste effectual, when we chiefly seke Gods glorie, and the accomplishement of his promes.

29 o Therefore I firmely beleue it shal come to passe.