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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Samuel 8

1 / Or, Methegammah

1 ! Dauid ouercommeth the Philistims, and other strange nacions, and maketh them tributaries to Israel.

2 b He slewe two partes, as it pleased him and reserued the third.

3 / Ebr, Perish.

5 / Or, of Damascus: that is which dwells nere Damascus.

6 c In that part of Syria, where Damascus was.

10 f For seing Dauid victorious, he was glad to intreat of peace.

10 / Ebr. blesse him.

10 / Ebr. to seke peace.

15 g He gaue judgement in controuersies, and was merciful towarde the people.

18 h The Cherethites & Pelethites were as the Kings garde, and had charge of his persone.

18 / Or, was ouer the Cherethites.