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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Samuel 6

2 a This was a citie in Judah called also Kiriath-jearim, {Josh. 15:9}

3 b Which was an hie place of the citie of Baale.

3 ! The Arke is broght forthe of the house of Abinadab

7 d Here we se what danger it is to followe good intentions, or to do anie thing in Gods seruice without his expresse worde.

7 ! Uzzah is striken & dyeth.

10 e Who was a Leuite & had dwelt in Gittaim, {1 Chro. 15:21}

12 f Meaning, he caused the Leuites to beare it, according to the Lawe.

14 g With a garment like to the Priests garment.

14 ! Dauid danceth before it.

16 ! And is therefore despised of his wife, Michal.

16 h The worldings are not able to comprehend the mocions that moue the children of God.

20 i That is, to pray for his house, as he had done for the people.

21 k It was for no worldely affection, but onely for that zeale that I haue to Gods glorie.

23 ! Which was a punishment, because she mocked the seruant of God.