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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Samuel 5

1 a We are of thy kinred, & most nere joyned vnto thee.

3 b That is, taking the Lord to witnes: for the Arke was yet in Abinadabs house.

6 c The children of God called idoles blinde and lame guides: therefore the Jebusites ment, that thei shulde proue that their gods were nether blinde nor lame.

8 d The idoles shulde entre no more into that place.

9 e He buylt from the towne house rounde about to his owne house, {1 Chron. 11,8}.

19 f By Abiathar the Priest.

20 / Or the plaine of diuisions.

22 g Meaning, the valley of gyants, which Dauid called Baal perazim because of his victorie.

25 h Which was in the tribe of Benjamin, but the Philistims did possesse it.