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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Samuel 4

1 b Meaning, that he was descouraged.

2 c The citie Beeroth was in the tribe of Benjamin, {Josh. 18,25}.

3 d After the death of Saul, for feare of the Philistims.

5 ! Baanah and Rechab slaye Ish-bosheth the sonne of Saul.

6 e Thei disguised them selues as marchants, which came to bye wheat.

6 f There is nothing so vile & dangerous, which the wicked wil not enterprise in hope of lucre & fauour.

11 g Forasmuche as nether the example of him that slew Saul, nor duetie to their master, nor the innocencie of the persone, nor reuerence of the place, nor time did moue them they deserued most grieuous punishment.