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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Samuel 26

1 ! Dauid was discouered vnto Saul by the Ziphims.

1 / Or, in Gibeah.

1 / Or the wildernes.

2 a That is, of the moste skilful and valiant soldiers.

6 c Who afterwarde was Dauids chief captaine.

9 e To wit, in his owne priuate cause: for Jehu slew two Kings at Gods appointment, {2 King. 9,24}.

12 ! Dauid taketh away Sauls speare, and a pot of water that stode at his head.

12 / Ebr. the heauy slepe of the Lord ws fallen vpon them.

12 ! Dauid was discouered vnto Saul by the Ziphims.

15 f Estemed moste valiant, and mete to saue the King?

17 g Hereby it appeareth, that the hypocrite persecuted Dauid against his owne conscience, and contrary to his promes.

19 i As muche as laye in them they compelled him to idolatrie, because they forced him to flee to the idolaters.

19 h Let his angre towarde vs be pacified by a sacrifice.

21 ! Saul confesseth his sinne.

23 l Thus he protesteth his innocencie toward Saul, not defending his justice in the sight of God, in whose presence none is righteous, {Psal 14, 3}, and {230, 3}.