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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Samuel 25

1 a That is, among his owne kinred.

2 b Maou and Carmel were cities in the tribe of Judah. Carmel the mounteine was in Galile.

6 c Some read, so maiest thou liue in prosperitie the next yere bothe thou, &c.

10 e Thus the couetous wretches, in stede of releuing the necessitie of Gods children, vse to reuile their personnes and condemne their cause.

15 f When we kept our shepe in the wildernes of Parian.

18 / Ebr bread.

19 g Because she knewe his crooked nature that he wolde rather haue perished, then consented to her enterprise.

22 h Meaning by this prouerbe, that he wolde destroye bothe smale & great.

26 i That is, that thou shuldest not be reuenged of thine enemie.

27 / Or, present.

28 / Ebr from thy daies.

29 m God shal preseue thee long in his seruice and destroye thine enemies.

29 l To wit, Saul.

31 n That he hathe not auenged him selfe, which things wolde haue tormented his conscience.

34 p He attributeth it to the Lords mercie, & not to him self that he was staied.

36 q For he had no raison to consider, or giue thankes for this great benefite of deliuerance.

39 s For he had experience of her great godlines, wisdome & humilitie.

44 t Which was a place bordering on the countrey of the Moabites.

44 ! Michal is giuen to Phalti.