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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Samuel 24

1 a That is, in strong palces, which were defensed by nature.

4 / Ebr. in the sides.

5 c Here we se how ready we are to hasten Gods promes, if the occasion serue neuer so litle.

6 d For seing it was his owne priuate cause, he repented that he had touched his enemie.

10 c Contrary to the false report of them that said, Dauid was Sauls enemie, he proueth him selfe to be his friend.

10 ! He sheweth to Saul his innocencie.

17 f Thogh he was a moste cruel enemie to Dauid, yet by his great gentlenes his conscience compelled him to yelde.

21 g Thogh this tyrant saw and confessed the fauour of God toward Dauid, yet he ceaseth not to persecute him against his owne conscience.

22 ! He causeth Dauid to sweare vnto him to be fauorable to his.