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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Samuel 20

1 a For Saul was stayed, & prophecied a day & night by Gods prouidence, that Dauid might haue time to escape.

2 / Ebr. reueile it in mine eare.

3 b I am in great danger of death.

5 c At what time there shulde be a solemne sacrifice, {Nomb. 28,11}: to the which they added peace offrings and feasts.

14 h I knowe that if thou werest now preferred to the kyngdome, thou woldest not destroy me, but shewe thy selfe friendly to my posteritie.

19 / Ebr. of the way, because he serued as a signe to shewe the way to them that passed by.

29 n Meaning all his kinsfolke.

30 o Thou art euer contrary vnto me as thy mother is.

32 p For it were to great tyranie to put one to death and not to shewe the cause why.

35 q For this was the third day, as it was agreed vpon, {vers. 5}.

38 r By these wordes he admonished Dauid what he oght to do.

38 ! Jonathan aduertiseth Dauid by thre arrowes of his fathers fury.

41 s It semeth that he had shot on the Northside of the stone, lest the boy shulde haue espied Dauid.

42 t Which othe he calleth in the eight verse the couenant of the Lord.