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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Samuel 19

1 a Before Saul soght Dauids life secretly, but now his hyprocrisie bursteth forth to open crueltie.

2 ! Jonathan declureth to Dauid the wicked purpose of Saul.

6 c Whatsoeuer he pretended outwardly, yet his heart was ful of malice.

9 d He plaide on his harpe to mitigate the rage of the euil Spirit, as {Chap. 16,23}

12 e Thus God moued bothe the sonne and the daughter of this tyrant to fauor Dauid against their father.

15 f Beholde, how the tyrants to accomplish their rage, nether regarde othe nor frendship, God nor man.

18 g Naioth was a schole where the worde of God was studyed, nere to Ramah.

20 i Changed their mindes and praised God.

23 ! The Spirit of prophecie commeth on Saul.

24 m He humbled him self as other did.