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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Samuel 18

1 a His affection was fully bent toward him.

8 ! Saul enuieth Dauid for the praise that the women gaue him.

10 e That is, spake as a man beside him selfe: for so the people abused this worde, when thei colde not vnderstand.

17 g Fight against them that warre against Gods people.

17 ! Dauid deliuereth to Saul two hudreth foreskinnes of the Philistims.

19 h By whome he had fiue sonnes, which Dauid put to death at the request of the Gibeonites, {2 Sam. 21,8}.

21 i So his hypocrisie appeareth: for vnder pretence of fauour he soght his destruction.

23 k Meaning, that he was not able to endowe his wife with riches.

26 l Because he thoght him selfe able to compasse the Kings request.

29 ! Saul feareth Dauid, seing that the Lord is with him.

30 o That is, dauid had better successe against the Philistims then Sauls men.