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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Samuel 14

1 a By this example God wold declare to Israel that the victorie did not consist in multitude or armour, but onely came of his grace.

6 / Or, none can let the Lord.

9 d This he spake by the Spirit of prophecie, forasmuche as hereby God gaue him assurance of the victorie.

11 e Thus they spake contempteously, and by derision.

13 f That is, he crept vp, or went up with all hast.

14 g The seconde was when they slewe one another, and the third when the Israelites chased them.

14 ! Jonathan and his armour bearer put the Philistims to flight.

15 h In that the insensible creatures tremble for feare of Gods judgement, it declareth how terrible his vengeance shalbe against his enemies.

19 i Let the Ephod alone: for I haue no leasure nowe to aske counsel of God, {Nomb. 27,21}.

21 k Thogh before for feare of the Philistims they declared them selues as enemies to their brethren.

24 ! Saul bindeth the people by an othe, not to eat til euening.

24 l Such was his hypocricie & arrogancie, that he thoght to attribute to his policie that, which God had giuen by the hand of Jonathan.

24 / Ebr. bread.

26 m That is, the punishment if they brake their othe.

27 n Which were dimme before for wearines and hungre.

33 p That the blood of the beasts that shal be slaine, may be pressed out vpon it.

35 / Or, of that ??? begain he to buylde an altar.

38 ! Saul wolde put Jonathan to death.

41 r Cause the lot to fall on him that hathe borken the othe: but he doeth not consider his presumption in commanding the same othe.

45 s The people thoght it their duetie to rescue him, who of ignorance, had but broken a rashe lawe, and by whome they had receiued so great a benefite.

45 ! The people deliuer.

49 u Called also Abinadab, {Chap. 31,2}

50 y Whome Joab the captaine of Dauid slewe, {2 Sam. 3,27}.