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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Samuel 15

1 a Because he hathe preserred thee to this honour, thou art bound to obey him.

3 b That this might be an example of Gods vengeance against them that deale cruelly with his people.

3 ! Saul is commanded to slay Amalek.

4 / Or, knewe their nomber by the lambes, which they broght.

6 d For Jethro came to visit them and gaue them good counsel, {Exod. 18,19}.

6 c Which were the posteritie of Jethro Moses father in lawe.

11 e God in his eternal counsel neuer changeth nor repenteth, as {vers. 29}, thogh he semeth to vs to repent, when anie, thing goeth contrary to his temporal election.

13 f That is the nature of hypocrites, to be impudent against the trueth to condemne others, & justifie them selues.

20 h He standeth most impudently in his wone defense bothe against God & his owne conscience.

23 i God hateth nothing more then disobedience of his commandement, thogh the intent seme neuer so good to man.

25 k This was not true repentance, but dissimulation, fearing the losse of his kingdome.

28 ! Saul is rejected of the Lord, and his kingdome giuen to another.

28 l That is, to Dauid.

29 m Meaning God, who mainteineth & preserreth his.

32 n He suspected nothing lesse then death or as some write, he passed not for death.

35 p Thogh Saul came where Samuel was, {Chap. 19, 22}.