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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Samuel 13

1 b Before he toke vpon him the state of a King.

3 d That euerie one shulde prepare them selues to warre.

3 c Of Kiriath-jearim, where the Arke was, {Chap. 10,5}

3 ! The Philistims are smitten of Saul & Jonathan.

5 e Which was also called Beth-el, in the tribe of Benjamin.

8 g Thinking that the absence of the Prophet was a signe, that they shulde lose the victorie.

11 h Thogh these causes seme sufficient in mans judgement: yet because they had not the worde of God, they turned to his destruction.

13 i Who willed thee to obey him and rest vpon the wordes spoken by his Prophet.

13 ! Saul being disobedient to Gods commandment is shewed of Samuel that he shal not reigne.

17 / Or, the destroiers to wit, the captaine came out with the bands.

18 m So that to mans judgement these thre armies would haue ouerrunne the whole countrey.

19 ! The great slauerie, wherein the Philistims kept the Israelites.

22 n To declare that the victorie onely came of God & not by their force.