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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Samuel 12

1 ! Samuel declaring to the people his integritie, reproueth their ingratitude.

1 a I haue granted your peticion

3 c God wolde that this confession shulde be a paterne for all them that haue any charge or office.

5 d Your King, who is anointed by the commandement of the Lord.

12 g Leauing God to seke helpe of man, {Chap. 8:5}

14 h Ye shal be preserued as they that follow the Lords wil.

17 k In that ye haue forsaken him, who hath all power in his hand, for a mortale man.

19 ! God by miracles causeth the people to confesse their sinne.

19 l Not onely at other times, but now chiefely.

20 ! Samuel exhorteth the people to followe the Lord.

20 m He sheweth that there is not sinne so great, but it shal be forgiuen, if the sinner turne againe to God.

22 n Of his fre mercie, & not of your merites, and therefore he wil not forsake you.