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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Samuel 11

1 a After that Saul was chosen King: for feare of whome they asked a King, as {Chap 12, 12}

1 ! Nahash the Ammonite warreth against Jabesh Gilead, who asketh help of the Israelites.

2 b This declareth, that the more nere that tyrants are to their destruction; the more cruel thei are.

6 c God gaue him the spirit of strength & courage to go against this tyrant.

6 ! Saul promiseth helpe.

7 d He addeth Samuel, because Saul was not yet approued of all.

10 f That is, to the Ammonites, dissembling that thei had hope of aide.

12 g By this victorie the Lord wone the hearts of the people to Saul.

13 h By shewing mercie, he thoght to ouercome their malice.

15 i In signe of thankesgiuing for the victorie.