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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Samuel 10

1 a In the Lawe this anointing signified the gifts of the holy Gost, whiche were necessarie for them that shulde rule.

2 b Samuel confirmeth him by these signes that God hathe appointed him King.

5 c Which was an hie place in the citie Kiriath-jearim, where the Arke was, {Chap. 7,1}.

9 d He gaue him suche vertues as were mete for a King.

9 ! God changeth Sauls heart and he prophecieth.

12 e Meaning that prophecie cometh not by succession, but is giuen to whome it pleaseth God.

12 f Nothing thereby him that from lowe degre commeth sodenly to honour.

17 ! Samuel assembleth the people, and sheweth them their sinnes.

17 g Bothe to declare vnto them their faute in asking a King, & also to shew Gods sentence therein.

25 k As it is written in {Deuteronimie Chap. 17, 15}.

25 ! Samuel writeth the Kings office.

27 l Bothe to auoide sedition, and also to winne them by pacience.