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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Samuel 9

2 b So that it might seme that God approued their request in appointing out suche a person.

3 ! Saul seking his fathers asses, by the counsel of his seruant goeth to Samuel.

3 c All these circumstances were means to serue vnto Gods prouidence, whereby Saul (thogh not approued of God) was made King.

8 e Which is about fiue pence, read {Gen. 23,15}.

9 f So called because he foresaw things to come.

12 g That is, a feast after the offring, which shulde be kept in an hie place of the citie appointed for that vse.

13 h That is, giue thankes, & distribute the meat according to their custome.

15 ! The Lord reueileth to Samuel Sauls comming, commanding him to annoint him King.

16 i Not withstanding their wickednes, yet God was euer mindful of his inheritance.

20 l Whome doeth Israel desire to be their King but thee.

22 ! Samuel bringeth Saul to the feast.

24 n That is, the shoulder with the breast, which the Priest had for his familie in all peace offrings, {Leu.10, 14}

24 o That bothe by the assembling of the people, & by the meat prepared for thee, you mighest vnderstand that I knewe of thy comming.

26 p To speake with him secretly: for the houses were flat aboue.