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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Samuel 6

1 a Thei thoght by continuance of time the plague wolde haue ceased and so wolde haue kept the Arke stil.

1 ! The time that the Arke was with the Philistims which they sent againe with a gift.

3 b The idolaters confesse there is a true God, who punisheth sinne justely.

5 c This is Gods judgement vpon the idolaters, that knowing the true God thei worship him not aright.

8 d Meaning the golden emerods and the golden mice.

9 f The wicked attribute almost all things to fortune and chance, whereas in dede there is nothing done without Gods prouidence & decree.

9 e The God of Israel.

12 ! It commeth to Beth-shemesh.

14 h To wit, the men of Beth-shemesh, which were Israelites.

17 i These were the fiue principal cities of the Philistims which were not all conquered vnto the time of Dauid.

17 ! The Philistims offer golden emerods.

19 k For it was not lauful to anie ether to touche or to se it, saue onely to Aaron & his sonnes, {Nom. 4,15 & 20}

19 ! The men of Beth-shemesh are stricken for loking into the Arke.