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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Samuel 7

1 a A citie in the tribe of Judah, called also Kiriath-baal, {Josh, 15, 60}.

1 ! The Arke is broght to Kiriath-jearim.

2 b Lamented for their sinnes & followed the Lord.

3 ! Samuel exhorteth the people to forsake their sinnes and turne to the Lord.

5 c For Shiloh was now desolate, because the Philistims had taken thence the Arke.

6 d The Chaldea text hathe, that thei drewe water out of their heart: that is, wept abundantly for their sinnes.

8 e Signifying that in the prayers of the godlie there oght to be a vehement zeale.

10 f According to the prophecie of Hannah Samuels mother, {Chap. 2, 10}.

10 ! The Philistims fight against Israel & are ouercome.

12 g Which was a great rocke ouer against Mizpeh.

17 i Which was not contrarie to the Lawe: for as yet a certeine place was not appointed.